Picture Cook
Picture Cook is a new cookbook that's drawn, not written.

The book has been translated to French, German and Mandarin.

I created the original concept, recipes, illustrations, and layout. Ulysses Press did the rest! Published in gorgeous hardcover by Ulysses Press in November 2013.

Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and wherever books are sold.
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Drawing, Illustration, Print Design
  • Picture Cook started out as a bunch of doodles I posted on the web, and ended up as a sweet hardcover book, published by Ulysses Press in November 2013. 
    You can order the book now on Barnes & Noble or Amazon.
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  • German version of the book (Augenschmaus) published in June 2014 by Eden books.
  • Chinese version of the book (看圖下廚) published in softcover by 水滴文化 (Les Gouttes Press) in March 2014. First print run comes with  a limited-edition two-tone zipper sleeve.
  • French version of the book publised by Tana Editions in September 2014.